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Where you can find me still being a dork outside of LJ

Hi there! You might remember me as elf_fu, the sparkly foul mouthed all-caps child-like annoying live journaler from such hits as...Uh..Well, anyhoo--I don't post here anymore because I do not approve of our LJ Russian overlords.

There are a few other places you can keep up with me if you really miss my special sort of derp and writing, and they are:

And OF COURSE I now have a dreamwidth journal that I now try to update at least weekly/bi weekly! :

I am all over both and post daily (....sometimes SEVERAL BILLION TIMES A DAY SORRY, especially on Tumblr). So if you like, come on over and say hi! (And let an old lady know who you are 'cause I can't remember for poop.)
pink, cherry blossom, flower


It's bittersweet, because I don't really journal anymore. Though I might consider it on dreamwidth, I am not sure, because the ease of social media is good enough for me.

Also, I am 99.9% sure almost every friend I made on here I have either on FB or Google+.

We'll see. But for now, consider this account 100% dead (unless LJ gets sold to a non-Russian company.)

You can find me as elf_fu on Dreamwidth :)