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A Pink Robot.

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Current layout by: thefulcrum

Unicorns pooping rainbows
36 year old 2 year old unicorn trapped in a woman's body. I am loud, all-caps prone, hotly non-religious and frankly a heathen, enjoy swearing, believe in the right to love who you love as long as it's between two consenting adults, support the legalization of marijuanna, adore Korean/Japanese/Chinese historical dramas, love the color pink and my husband to distraction, play PC games, make videos, make polymer clay stuff, and make a fool of myself. I am opinionated and stand by and for the things I believe. I am pretty sure I'm going to write something (or already have) offensive. If I write. I spend most of my time now on Google+ because it's replaced the awesomeness that used to be LJ. Also: Tumblr, because it's quick and filled with hilarity and hotness. Please also add me there. Anyway, It's okay if you find some of my stuff objectionable. We don't have to like the same things or have the same opinions. Just remember the Will Wheaton Rule: Don't be a dick. We'll get along fine.

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